Alex Kirsch
Independent Scientist


Actively working in science, consulting and design, I bring theory into operation. I attend projects all the way from decision to implementation and support clients in building the necessary competences. I deliver no convenience products, but individual solutions.

Your Benefits

I am a one-stop provider of knowledge about human and artificial intelligence, user experience and agile software development, combining perspectives from science and practical experience. How do you profit from this?


With my long-standing experience and deep understanding of software technology and human behavior—on a strategic level as well as in operation—you get reliable solutions that go deeper than short-lived trends.


I love to solve intricate problems, because each is different. Rather than standard solutions, you get individual analyses and recommendations that always take into account technical feasibility and profitability.


The truth is sometimes inconvenient, but I will tell it all the same. I consider it my mission to clear up technology myths, especially in artificial intelligence, and to develop solutions that produce tangible results, rather than just press releases.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being much discussed, with visions of the future between apocalypse and utopia. AI is often equalized with statistical machine learning, but it has much more to offer: optimization and search algorithms plan complex processes, sensory networks collect data and supervise environmental factors and production processes, agent architectures abstract from single tasks towards interactive systems. In spite of all successes many basic concepts of intelligence and cognition are still unknown.

Decision Support Systems
Data Science
Autonomous robots

User Experience Design

User Experience Design takes the viewpoint of users. It comprises not only appealing user interfaces, but includes all interactions between human and machine. I use scientific findings on perception, attention, memory and decision making and combine them with the technical potentials of software development and artificial intelligence. In this way, I design user experiences that enhance the strengths of humans with the stengths of computers.

Need modeling
Expert reviews
Information architecture

Agile Processes

In everyday life people master comlex decisions under uncertainty and time pressure. As soon as organizations solve tasks it seems these capabilities are largely suppressed by rigid processes that are designed contrary to what people do well. From my research on human and automatic decision making I transfer processes that people use successfully in everyday life to organizational routines. This corresponds roughly the trend of agile software development, but it is much more general.

Decision processes
Design thinking
Agile software development
Conceptual design



Strategic Decisions

I support you in strategic decisions. Can deep learning help your company? Is your product accessible for any user? Which implementation options are there for a desired application? I investigate and review opportunities and risks in your specific context.

Business analysis
Expert's reports


Building Competences

Using novel methods requires appropriate competences. I offer talks, lectures and training courses for decision makers and implementers, for example on basic techniques such as user experience design, design thinking methods, machine learning, AI programming or current issues such as robotics in care or autonomous driving. (Examples)

Coaching on the job


Implementation and Enhancements

You have decided to start a project using techniques that you have no experience with? I offer to work actively in your project, to train your team on the job or to complement your expertise, helping you to initiate and implement your project in transdisciplinary teams.

Product owner
Project management